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The Boss  :-)

(Click on the arrows to the left and right of the picture above to view a few highlights of Holly and her equestrian career.)


Holly has been riding since the age of 4 and started competing soon after.  She grew up eventing and competed on the Area III Young Riders Eventing team in 1988.  From there to Radnor  3 day event , where she was the highest placed young rider with an eighth place.  Holly decided to take a hiatus from riding, finished college, worked, studied further, and traveled.   From riding at the Milnerton Track in Cape Town, South Africa to working at the Marion DuPont Scott Veterinary Hospital, to being a Pony Club instructor and Examiner, horses always remained a part of her life. 


Holly returned to the equestrian world when she landed the barn manager position at Spring Island in Beaufort , SC  after her travels.  In 2000 we started our independent barn here on Doko Farm.  Holly since taught many upcoming riders and played a prominent role in the Palmetto Pony Club as an instructor.  Holly is an USPC national examiner (C-3) and is also qualified in equestrian massage therapy.  


Lately Holly turned her personal riding focus to competitive dressage.  She completed her first Prix Saint George test this year on Val de Val, her eventing thoroughbred which she obtained green from the track a number of years ago.  Holly continues to teach students in the art of 3-day eventing, truly the sport of her passion, and continues to event with young upcoming horse as part of their training and development.  She started offering group jumping lessons at Doko this summer (see Upcoming events).



Holly Merchant van Zyl