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Doko Farm is not only about horses as so many equestrian facilities are today.  Doko Farm is our family business, it's our way of life.  It is the ongoing result of our dream lifestyle, which we are achieving through hard labor.  We view ourselves as blessed to live the lifestyle we do, but also recognize that  extra hard work is required to maintain it.  To us Doko Farm is about learning and teaching our children the beauty of animal husbandry, of farm life, of nature, of decent work, of respect, and appreciation for all of God's creation while we thoroughly enjoy it all.  Our hopes are that our friends, our guests, our boarders (and also their guests) experience Doko Farm the same way.


In designing our barn and house and Doko Farm overall, we focused on the safety and well-being of our animals.   Above all stalls, we have installed smoke alarms and a timed fly spray system.  Stalls are equipped with cushioned mats to avoid injuries.  We water by hand to monitor intake, feed only quality hay and food, and have just enough room for what we can manage.  Most importantly, "sleeping and living with the horses" alerts us to the first sign of illness, day and night.


We offer boarding only to a few select individuals with values and attitudes similar to ours.  Striving to balance a professional and positive teaching experience, a relaxed boarding atmosphere is our goal.  We believe our boarders need to feel at home when they come to visit their horses.  


Currently we have at least one boarding opening.  If you are interested in Doko Farm, we will gladly meet with you to determine if your needs and our offerings are a match.  See the Contact page for info or our latest boarding flyer.



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